25 Reasons Why You're Not Getting The Job

Have you found yourself feeling frustrated lately that your job search comes up empty? Granted the employment market is going through a difficult period but there may be some action items that will help improve your chances. Here are 25 reasons why you may not be getting the job:

Possible problems with your CV . . .

1. Your CV is too brief. Try adding more detail and specific information about your skills, experience and training.

2. There are grammatical or spelling errors in your CV - this never gives a positive first impression. Have a friend check it to make sure it reads properly before sending it.

3. Your CV is not up to date. Having an Jobzooma CV means that your chosen recruiters are immediately notified when your details have been amended meaning that only your latest information is on file.

4. Your CV doesn't show that you have the relevant experience for the job you have applied for - make sure you match your skills to the particular requirements.

5. Your cover letter gives the impression you're unable to travel or commute if necessary. Flexibility in today's market is key to success!

6. There are gaps in your work history. It's best to explain all periods of unemployment.

Your CV conveys an unprofessional image.

7. An employer gets their first impression of you through your CV so it's important that they form the best idea possible at this stage. By using an online CV service like Jobzooma, you're able to ensure that your CV preparation and distribution is carried out in a way that promotes the finest

in you.

Problems During Your Job Search

8. You're too late to apply. Login and use Jobzooma's job search functionality to search millions of jobs all from one single location and make sure you're always up to date on what's available in the job market.

9. Your job search is too narrow. While searching online often yields valuable results, try networking and target potential businesses even if they're not openly hiring.

10. You are only considering familiar businesses. Do some research to locate potential employers in related fields.

11. You forgot to return a call or email. Be diligent and respond quickly to any requests for interviews.

12. Your email address or voicemail message projects an unprofessional manner. Setup a separate email for business purposes or connect with recruiters and potential employers through your Jobzooma CV.

Problems on Your Job Interviews

13. You have trouble responding to questions about your background. Make sure you're prepared to answer all questions about your experience and education. And don't lie - potential employers can check the information and will automatically reject you if they find discrepancies.

14. You are unclear about the position on offer - make sure you do your homework before the interview.

15. You appear uninterested during the interview. Be courteous and alert even if you decide that the job isn't for you as you may get referred to another job on offer.

16. You project an arrogant attitude and offend the interviewer.

17. Your appearance is not appropriate for the job - always make sure your outfit is clean and professional.

18. You overemphasize negative comments about your previous employer. This projects an image of a complainer and prospective employers will be on the look out for any candidates who do this during an interview.

19. You were late for the appointment - make a good impression and always be prompt! Be confident and well prepared during the interview and make sure to write a follow up thank you note.

The Job Doesn't Seem Right for Me

20. The position requires specific experience. Try applying for a lower level position and working your way up.

21. You need additional education or training - do some research and sign up for part time courses to up skill yourself.

22. Other candidates are more qualified. Don't feel intimidated, there's nothing wrong with applying for a job.

23. Your salary request is excessive. The job market is highly competitive these days so if you really want the position consider taking a little less.

24. The position does not meet your expectations and is not something you can see youself doing long term.

25. You've had a similar job in the past that you didn't enjoy. Consider trying again - it could be different this time.

Locating a job in today's difficult employment market can be challenging. Remember that you're not alone and online CV services such as Jobzooma can help ease the burden. By keeping a positive attitude and evaluating your job search methods, the hunt will be successful!

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