Assembling Your Job Search Toolkit to Land a Job Faster

Jobseekers today have access to a dizzying range of resources and tools that can improve and significantly shorten their job search. An abundance of job boards plus a mind blowing selection of social media platforms all mean it's definitely not your parents' job search!

However, there are some fundamentals which, when adopted and followed correctly, can streamline your job search and help you land a plum position before you know it.

What are these?

1. Get the Right Stuff. To perform a quick and effective job search, you'll need to put together a solid toolkit. The good news is you probably have most of this stuff already and the rest of it is not difficult to acquire. The most important ingredients in your toolkit are: • A computer, laptop or tablet with Internet access and word processing. • A serious email ID. Some people prefer to establish an email address dedicated to their job search. Whatever you choose, make sure your email address conveys a real person engaged in a professional job search (i.e. stay away from!) • A smart phone and/or landline. Having both is ideal when engaged in a job search since cell phones ensure you won't miss an important call while landlines still provide better sound quality for longer job search-related calls. And while you're at it - make sure your numbers are masked for increased security.

2. Shape Up Your CV. A professional-grade well-written CV that clearly highlights your experience and qualifications is still the backbone of an effective job search. Also be prepared to customise your cover letter to the particular job you're interested in. And remember that your job search will be an uphill battle unless you present yourself as a professional, articulate candidate.

3. Create an Online CV. Creating an online CV adds a new dimension and can considerably shorten your job search. Prospective employers and recruiters increasingly prefer to access candidates' online CVs. Using an online CV template saves time and enables you to tailor your job search to specific opportunities.

4. Notify Your Network. Networking with colleagues, former employers, co-workers, and other business associates through LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media is a sure-fire way to get faster results - make sure they all know you're engaged in a job search. Send those with contacts in your industry your CV or a link to your online CV. Expand your search network by asking them to introduce you to others in your field. Join industry associations to make new connections and consider joining one or more online professional networking sites.

5. Get Connected, Stay Connected. While using an online CV template to create and post an online CV is a good shortcut to finding work, the Internet offers an entire range of useful job search tools and resources. Explore company websites to educate yourself and uncover new opportunities. Conduct specific job searches using online career and job search boards. In fact, save time by searching millions of jobs across multiple job boards all from one central location with your Jobzooma profile.

6. Spread the Word. Regardless of why you're engaged in a job search, this is no time to be shy. In addition to building your professional job search network, let all your friends, family and other personal contacts know about your job search. Whether you know it or not, they're part of your job search network too and you never can tell where the next opportunity will come from.

7. Know What You Want. The quickest way to shorten your job search and land your dream position is to know what you're looking for. Avoid wasting precious hours on companies or jobs that are either unrealistic or unappealing to you. Target the industries and firms that suit you best and focus your job search activities squarely on them.

Of course these guidelines are no guarantee you'll land a job tomorrow. But using time-tested techniques and having a well-stocked job search toolkit will help put you on a faster track. For more information on conducting a quick and effective job search, visit Jobzooma's Career Advice Section.

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