10 Job Hunting Myths Dispelled

Ten Job Hunting Myths

Being realistic about career expectations makes job hunting a less daunting task and knowing how to approach an employer and what to expect may make a difference in landing a high paying position. No one wants to waste time on pursing unrealistic career paths but many times we can convince ourselves that our efforts are futile. By reviewing these ten job hunting myths, looking for a new job becomes manageable.

My Degree Will Get Me Hired

Having a degree is a definite asset. However, there are no guarantees that a new graduate with little or no experience will quickly land a job. It takes time and effort to research positions and convince an employer that you are qualified.

The Internet Conveys the Only Job Market

There's no denying that job hunting online often yields fantastic results, but it's important to remember that there are other methods out there. Look at targeting businesses in your desired field and watch their economic growth and market trends.

I'm Under Qualified for the Job

Work experience matters but here's where that degree might get you in the door. If the position looks promising give it a try. You may not know who your competition is and there may be something in your CV that appeals to the hirer.

My Starting Salary is Fixed

Being unrealistic about entry level salaries can be frustrating. The employment market continues to fluctuate, and it may be necessary to lower your expectations. However, any salary is negotiable - it doesn't hurt to ask if it's a reasonable sum.

I'm Too Old to Get Hired

Unless the job requires extreme physical strength or has specific age limitations, there are legal protections against age discrimination. If you feel confident about your ability to perform the work, then go after the job.

If a Company Isn't Posting an Opening they're not Hiring

Finding the perfect position that fits your talents may take extra effort. By contacting businesses that could be potential employers, you show initiative. A job may not be immediately available but could open in the future or trigger a positive response from a prospective employer.

Posting Many CVs on the Web will Help Me

Outdated CVs are difficult to retrieve. Using an online CV service like iProfile where your information is automatically updated is a better solution than posting hundreds of CVs. You're also able to be selective about whom you contact with what information - always protecting your interests.

An Impressive Looking CV will Get Me Hired

Actually, most human resources personnel are skilled in sorting the flash from the facts. Special graphics or sparkling colours may get a quick look but might detract from the objective of getting a serious job. If you really want to get noticed, include industry specific search terms in your CV, skills and competencies section as these are what recruiters will be using to search their online databases.

My Impression of an Employer Doesn't Count

Not true. Considering working for a business that you feel is unethical, on the wrong course or unstable will inevitably backfire. It’s as important that you feel excited about joining a new employer as it is that they are keen to take you on. For many companies, you can use www.glassdoor.co.uk, to get some idea of what a company is like to work for. Glassdoor is the Trip Advisor of the employer world. Use Take a little more time in locating a position that you feel is good for you and unless you’re desperate, don't be pressured to accept a job from a company or someone that you feel may not meet your own moral and ethical standards.

I'll Prepare for my Interview with Programmed Answers

Be careful with this myth because interview preparation is a good philosophy but listening to the interviewer's question is imperative. Don't forget to pay attention and be yourself. Taking the time to evaluate how to look for a job will save unnecessary effort. By knowing what to expect during the job hunting process, wasted time is avoided and potential markets that may bring that perfect dream job are explored.

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